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Hello! I’m glad you’re here. Please take a look around and let me know if I can help you with my range of
professional translation, writing or proofreading services.
Translation Services:
If you need premier translations from English to German and you’re looking for someone who does not only know English by the book but is well versed in everyday, colloquial and slang English, I’m happy to assist you!

I’m a passionate and experienced translator in the fields of:

  • Literature (including comic books and graphic novels)
  • The movies and TV (subtitles and metadata)
  • New Media
  • Public Relations
  • Website localization
  • Gaming
I know that kicking the bucket has nothing to do with house cleaning and that not only aviarists flip the bird. Hire me if you want a translation that meets the original in terms of tone, style, humor, and jargon.

Please Note :

I could do technical, medical or legal translations, but I know that others are better in these particular areas! Contact me if you need my help in finding you a top translator in the required field. I am proud of my network and will happily connect you.
Looking for a professional German-to-English translator? Sorry, that’s not me. I believe that quality translations should always be conducted from the source language into the native language. I can help you, though. Contact me and I’m sure I can connect you with a skilled colleague.
There is one exception, however. When I write the text for your website and you want it in both German and English, I will translate it for you to assure 100% consistency. I will then have the translated text double-checked by a team of high profile native English or American proofreaders in order to make it sound completely natural.
Writing Services:
Inspired, imaginative and colorful or factual, thought out and straight to the point?

Like any writer, I have my preferred literary niches and I’m “field-tested” in the following areas:


  • Prose (pet issues: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, Neo-Victorianism,
    alternative history).
  • Screenwriting and composition of treatments.
  • Innovative script writing of video clips.


  • Journalism.
  • Academic writing (literature, social sciences, cultural studies.
    and history, linguistics).
  • Copy writing and business mailings.
  • Website content.
  • Reviews.
  • Blog articles.
  • Biographies.
That being said, I’m always up for new challenges! So if you need a piece on salmon migration or atmospheric sounding, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please Note :thumb

I will have my work double-checked by a team of high profile English or American proofreaders to assure high quality.
Writing Assistance Services:
Never lose your inspiration
Let me be your idea-generator, fact-connector, your story-outliner, and inspirational source.
I help authors, filmmakers and academics in times of motivational and inspirational downs. I know I’ve been down that road and I’m proud to say that I have developed effective strategies to overcome the problems of not getting started, lacking ideas or being stuck.

You choose the scope of the help you require. I offer:

  • Email Counseling.
  • Creative training via email
  • Assistance with outlining and staying on top of things.
  • Motivational coaching by first analyzing the problem.
  • Help in the field of research.
  • Support by asking the right questions.
Please contact me with your enquiry for rates and suggestions on how best to proceed.
Proofreading Services in German and English

German Proofreading:

Are you an English native writing for a German audience but don’t think you’ve got a handle on all the nuances of the German language yet? Are you fluent in German but keep mixing up der, die, and das? I will help you with your texts, making sure to correct spelling and punctuation mistakes and make your German sound natural.

English Proofreading:

Do you want your English texts proofread by an English native? Or would you like your website checked for spelling errors and optimized for commercial success?
I’m proud of this agency’s pool of native English freelance editors from all over the world who will gladly help you out. Each of them has their own specialization, as well as a long history of practical experience in the field of proofreading, text optimization and editing.

Their fields of specialization include:

Academia, accounting , the arts, aviation, blogs, business, computer science, creative writing, criminology, e-books, economics, engineering, environment, film, finance, fitness, health, history, horticulture, IT, law, lifestyle, literature, medicine, metaphysics, physics, political science, psychology, SEO, sociology, technology, travel, and web content.

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The agency’s database is constantly expanding, so if you feel you make a good addition to our team, please get in touch.

About the Agency:

The Beginning:

It all began in late 2012 when I decided to start my own business. Working my way into the illustrious freelance universe was a little rough at the beginning, but seeing so many clients happy with my work has been very rewarding. Many work hours and numerous recommendations later, I can say that going freelance was the best thing to do. After all, the best chance to excel is by doing something one loves.


After just a couple of months into the business, I started having many, many hours of workload per week. As such, I started to build a network of skilled colleagues to whom I assign basic work that does not need a personal note. I will only do this if agreed upon with the customer. That way, I can take up several projects at the same time and make sure everything is delivered on time. Of course, I make sure everybody I work with has the same exceptional quality standards as I do.


Rates are negotiable and are agreed upon individually.